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Locally Made, Globally Loved.

Growing up in the backwoods of Japan helped me gain an appreciation and love for the strong sense of community around me. I grew up in a tiny village called Oita, located in Kyushu, where small businesses were the backbone of society. Isolation from the outside world piqued my interests in other countries and cultures, however at that time, I was limited to books and local stories while helping my parents in their little mom and pop shop.

"Of all the memories of my childhood, the most memorable was my parents’ pride in their business and quality of their goods."

My interest in expanding my cultural wealth brought me to countries such as Australia and Hong Kong, where I was able to experience student life abroad for the very first time.

"Seeing the bustling community markets and locally made goods was the highlight of my emprise."

I often sought out the shops that were hidden like treasure among the twists and turns of obscure streets. Just like my parents, these shop owners took pride in their quality and wanted their customers to know where their goods came from and how much care went into the creation process.
Upon returning to Japan and moving to Tokyo, I discovered so many hidden gems that struggled to thrive in a highly competitive market. In this day and age, we rely heavily on word of mouth via social media and video platforms to seek out honest reviews of the brands we love. Seeing that Japanese brands fell short in the social media marketing arena, I began my first business to help spread that passion and pride in quality to customers around the world.

“Customers knew exactly what they were buying as well as how and where it was made.”

They also gained a sense of satisfaction knowing their money was fueling their local economies by supporting small businesses and local manufacturers. After 7 years of success with introducing Japan to the world, I want to provide that same platform to local small businesses around the globe. That very desire and passion ignited Starloc, where we believe quality should never be replaced by quantity. Starloc promises to only feature brands that embrace craftsmanship and quality, with locally made products, so customers know their money is going back into those local communities. We hope to help small businesses around the globe, which in turn creates a long-term cycle of high-quality sustainable growth within their local communities. Starloc, where products are locally made and globally loved.

Our Vision

We see the future as a place where the “local” and “global” are growing closer than ever before. Where, products from independent makers and brands will branch out more easily and connect to potential customers and audiences from any and every location imaginable. And as these relationships between brands, products and end users grows deeper, the little things are going to matter even more. Details that more and more customers are concerned about, such as: where a product was made, or what kind of people or companies are behind a brand or even, who is invested in the project and how much control do they have over it? By making the marketing process more transparent, Starloc will help sustainable products and brands find a place where they are supported and appreciated worldwide. Starloc's platform offers independent producers of products and brands the access and tools they need to put them in a position to be truly seen and recognized.

Our Mission

We are bringing local, independent brands together with social media influencers. The platform will make it easy for local brands to reach new audiences and at the same time influencers will be compensated extending their reach and reputation to these brands. Starloc acts as a curator of well-crafted products and their brands and seeks out influencers to create reviews for the brands they love and feel strongly about being involved with.