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  Jeans Originally called “waist overalls,” played an important role and provided a significant influence in the fashion world. Originally intended as work clothes, the denim pants become indispensable item in people’s everyday lives, keeping pace with rapidly developing economics and cultures. Among countless type of jeans, the 501®XX made by Levi Strauss and Co. is still held in the highest regard throughout the world. The beautiful fades, unique eye-catching details like the famous arcuate stitching and RedTab keep the 501®XX in constant demand in the vintage clothing market. Though the style of the 501®XX evolved over time to stay current with customers desires it always remained true to its origin as tough work clothing – so tough in fact, that 501®XX jeans found from over a century ago are still wearable. The 501®XX proved strong enough to survive the test of time and continues to be an essential part of fashion history.


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We are aiming to ship out next term is 5th, AUGUST,2023!!



*We ship out by EMS(it will be delay in some location)

*22 x 29 x 3 cm  (1.25KG)

*EMS available


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